Regarding App Privacy Details on App Store
  • 05 Aug 2023
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    Regarding App Privacy Details on App Store

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      According to Apple’s policies, application owners are responsible to notify Apple of the data collected by both your application and any third-party tool that you have in your application. This data might include some specific data that Apple requires you to specifically report. Otherwise, Apple has the right to remove/deny your application.

      To make sure that you have no issues with this process, we’ve listed the data points that we collect and you should share with Apple via App Store Connect:

      • User ID
      • Device model
      • Carrier (cell phone provider)
      • App_version
      • OS_version
      • Device_Language
      • TimeZone
      • Email
      • Name
      • Phone Number
      • Connection (type)
      • Battery
      • Location
      • Device Token
      • Purchased product tracking
      • Clicks on products

      If you are already sharing a list of data points with Apple via App Store Connect, you need to update this list accordingly. 

      Besides your data points, you can also declare your purpose of using such data (e.g. product personalization, etc.). 

      Read more about how to add/remove data type on App Store Connect.

      Read more about App Privacy Details on Apple.

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