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    Learn how to use the Insider products to create more impactful experiences for your customers.

  • Developer Guide

    Learn how to integrate and activate your application or website with the Insider SDK.

  • API Reference

    Learn all about Insider APIs which you can call to create, delete, update, and read data on Insider's end.

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    Leverage partnerships with some of the world’s leading technology companies to easily implement Insider.

Popular Topics
  • Export your On-Site Campaign Analytics

    You can export the detailed analytics of your on-site campaigns easily in a single or a recurring report. Read more to see how to export your campaign analytics.

  • How to create an Architect journey

    Learn all about omnichannel strategies, integration requirements, journey basics, and journey elements with this complete Architect outline.

  • Testing your Architect journeys

    Once you change your journey status to test, you can test it as an end user to make sure it functions as you expect your users to experience it.

  • Filter your On-Site Campaign Analytics

    Filters enable you to select/deselect personalizations based on your filter criteria and view corresponding return on investment metrics.

  • How to create an email campaign

    Learn all about how to build your subscriber base, warm-up plan, campaign types, best practices for email design with this complete Email outline.

  • How to create a Web Push campaign

    With this complete Web Push outline, create and send actionable web push notifications to your visitors' devices from a website via a browser.

  • Revamped Shopify integration

    Shopify Integration integrates Insider data collection to your Shopify store with an application, and inserts the IO to the Shopify liquid to collect data from the website.

  • TikTok Remarketing Integration

    TikTok integration helps you send your Insider segments on mobile app to TikTok for remarketing campaigns and retargeting users based on their behavior on the mobile app.

  • Understand events & attributes

    Events and attributes define all the actions your users perform while interacting with your website, application, campaigns, and/or offline stores, and all the details about a user.