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Latest Updates
  • A new delightful, intuitive and consistent experience

    We are excited to share a brand new experience for you to deliver delightful, intuitive, and consistent experiences across platforms to your customers and achieve your business goals. In this article, we will take you through the key areas where you will...

  • Executive Summary Dashboard for ROI Tracking

    Measuring and quantifying the impact of your personalization campaigns can be daunting, especially when you have to measure the ROI. Introducing Insider’s Executive Summary Dashboard that helps you…

  • A New Navigation Experience

    The new navigation menu will provide us a better and faster browsing experience across all Insider products. The menu is now placed on the left-hand side of the panel and is accessible on all pages. For instance, you can navigate...

  • A Stronger Email Product

    You no longer have to worry about segmentation for warm up anymore. No more re-uploading of files to assign warmup numbers. To optimize the workload and have a more efficient segmentation...

  • Top Searches for Mobile Web

    The popular ‘Top search conversion trigger’ feature is now available for the mobile web. Similar to the ‘top search trigger’ feature for desktop web, you can now enable your mobile...

  • Engage Your Users with Default Replies

    When you are designing a campaign using our Interactive Cart Abandonment messages, your users would with either of the responses (1 or 2 and Yes or No), with one being a positive response and the..

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