Account Settings

      Account Settings

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        Account Settings allow you to manage your profile that includes your brand, logo, or other panel settings. Click your username > Settings > InOne Settings to navigate to this page.

        Partner Name and ID

        Landing on Account Preferences, you can see your Partner Name and Partner ID. Insider generates these two keys for your account when creating your panel. If you need these keys for any integration or API you are implementing with Insider such as Web Push API, Recommendation API, etc., you can always come back to this page and copy these values.

        You can upload your company logo. If there is any logo uploaded by you or your Insider Account Manager before, you can replace or remove it.

        • This logo is used as the Default Icon where available.
        • This logo is also displayed in the push notification previews on the respective step. This icon will be shown in push previews viewed on the panel.

        Two-Factor Authentication

        Two-factor authentication enables you to log into your account with one more layer of security using Google Authenticator app. Read more on two-factor authentication here.

        Campaign Settings

        Campaign Settings enable you to configure your account settings that are globally applied.

        Default Campaign Language

        You can set a default personalization language that is to be automatically selected on the Launch step of your campaigns. If you have a multi-language website and want to run campaigns in other languages, you can manually change the auto-selected language on the Launch step accordingly.

        Default Time Zone

        You can set your preferred time zone on which all your time-related campaigns and settings will be based. For instance, if you are creating a countdown campaign, you will set the timer regarding this time zone. The start and end date and time of your campaigns will be based on this time zone as well.

        Default Currency

        If you have a multi-currency website, you should select which currency you want to have as the default one. You will see your campaign analytics and currency-related metrics in this currency. Other currencies will be converted to the preferred currency for the analytics.

        Supported Currencies

        If you have a multi-currency website, you should select which currencies you want to support apart from the preferred currency. These currencies will be converted to the preferred currency for the statistics.

        Web & Social

        You should add your website and mobile website URLs here for Insider Tag and your campaigns to function properly. If your mobile website has the same URL as the website, you can leave this field blank.

        Customer Services Email Settings

        You can add an email for Customer Services Email to receive emails about campaigns. For instance, you can receive an email that warns you about a low number of coupon codes for a campaign.

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