Getting Started
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Getting Started

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Welcome to Insider's User Guides

Insider’s AI-powered Growth Management Platform (GMP) comes with an easy-to-use, clean interface that makes the platform convenient and accessible for marketers than focussing on technological complexities. Whether you’re new to GMP or looking to brush up on a topic, you will have your answers to all your queries with our comprehensive user guides.

GMP keeps the level of engagement in the platform high with active communication widgets such as toasters, tooltips, and pop-ups speeding up operations. You can utilize GMP's advanced segmentation capabilities, personalize users' online experience, analyze insights about users' behavior, and back up the personalized content with AI-backed product recommendations.

While going through the user guides, you will find yourself in a sweet spot with:

  • Insider's InOne panel
  • Integration of Insider onto your site
  • Result-oriented approach
  • Numerous templates and ease of use

Some of the prominent use-cases are: 

  • Web: Create a website personalized for every customer using numerous templates Insider provides
  • App: Choose the preferred mobile marketing tools to create a personalized in-app experience
  • Web Push: Grab your user's attention by pushing user-specific notifications wherever they go!
  • Email: Provide discounts, readable content, or 'left in cart' messages using Insider's AI email marketing software. Reach your customer's inbox without falling into spam.
  • Messaging: Engage your users wherever they are (WhatsApp Business or Facebook Messenger) with Insider's messaging software 
  • SMS: Connect with your offline customers via SMS techniques.
  • Ads: Provide ads by analyzing users' past behaviors and real-time actions using Insider's smart campaigning.

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