• 04 Jul 2024
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      Conversational CX is a customer experience approach that emphasizes personalized, two-way interactions between businesses and customers through messaging platforms. You can improve your customer experience with NLP & LLM-backed interactive conversations for marketing, sales, and support across preferred channels. AI automates responses, analyzes data for personalization ,and improves efficiency in handling customer inquiries to enhance conversational CX. 

      Insider's Mindbehind product offers data-driven, contextually relevant, and automated dialogues that align with your brand to engage prospects, increase conversions, and enhance loyalty.

      You can build conversational two-way experiences for every stage of the customer journey:

      • Marketing: Use the power of data-driven conversations to engage leads, expand brand reach, and encourage customers to take action.
      • Commerce: Create unique no-redirect shopping experiences for users to browse and buy within WhatsApp.
      • Support: Offer immediate guidance with AI-native conversations. Predict queries, automate support, increase agent efficiency, and resolve issues.

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