API Authentication Tokens

      API Authentication Tokens

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        Insider provides APIs to support your business in various ways. You can use either one or more of these APIs depending on your use cases. 

        Insider uses authentication to validate and process the incoming API calls. An API key is a unique code used to authenticate the API call where you are requesting a response. 

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        Only users with the Manage Users permission can generate tokens. If your account is not allowed to complete this operation, you can consult your Insider Account Manager.

        For various APIs, you can generate the API keys in the following methods:

        Generate API Key

        You can use the Generate API Key section to generate keys for the following APIs:

        1. Log into InOne.
        2. Navigate to your username > Settings > InOne Settings > Integration Settings.

        3. Scroll to the API Keys to click the Generate API Key button.

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        If you have created any API key before, you will see them listed in this section.

        4. Select the API type to create an API key.

        APIAPI Key Type
        Create a channel for OTP
        Verify API
        Update a channel for OTP
        List OTP templates
        Update OTP templates
        Generate OTP codes
        Verify OTP codes
        Send Transactional SMS
        Transactional SMS 
        Send Transactional WhatsApp messages
        Transactional WhatsApp
        Send Transactional EmailsTransactional Email
        On-site AnalyticsCampaign Analytics
        Get Email Analytics
        Create Email CampaignsEmail Content
        Migrate templates to InsiderEmail Template
        Unsubscribe Email Users from Database
        Global Unsubscribe
        Unsubscribe SMS Users from Database
        Unsubscribe WhatsApp Users from Database
        Resubscribe email users
        Resubscribe SMS users
        Resubscribe WhatsApp users
        Upsert User Data
        Unified Customer Database (UCD)
        Export Raw User Data
        Delete User Attribute
        Update Identifiers
        Delete Identifiers
        Get User Profiles
        Ingest Product Information
        Product Catalog
        Update existing product information
        Update stock information
        First-Party Segments API
        First-Party Segments
        Search APIEureka Search

        5. Click the Next button to create the key.

        6. Click the Copy button to copy the key before closing the prompt.

        7. To delete the previously created API keys, click the Delete button against the key you want to delete.

        Web Push Integration Settings

        Navigate to Web Push > Settings > Integration Settings to get your Web Push API Key that you can use in the following web push requests: 

        Mobile App Integration Settings

        Navigate to Settings > Mobile App Settings > Integration to get your Insider API Key that you can use in the following mobile app requests:

        Frequently Asked Questions

        Q: Can I use the same token for all UCD APIs?
        A: Yes, you can use the same token in all UCD APIs. However, depending on your product package, you may not be able to use the Upsert User Data API

        Q: Can I have multiple tokens at the same time?
        A: Yes, you can multiple tokens at the same time. Only UCD API token is limited to maximum 2 tokens. If you want to generate new tokens, you need to delete at least 1 of the previously generated tokens.

        Q: Can all users generate the UCD tokens?
        A: No, only the users with Manage Users permission can generate tokens. Users with other permissions are not allowed to complete this operation.

        Q: Can all users delete the previously generated UCD tokens?
        A: No, only the users with Manage Users permission can delete tokens. Users with other permissions are not allowed to complete this operation

        Q: I have lost my token, and because of hashing on the listing page, I can’t access it fully. Can I get the same token again?
        A: No, for security reasons the generated tokens are fully visible only once after being generated. From that point, you will not be able to see the token fully. We highly recommend noting the generated token down or you can generate a new token for your project.

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